19 April 2013

i've missed you too

omg! Has it really been 5 months since my last post?  I have a valid excuse, really.  Google wants me to PAY a monthly fee to store my photos because apparently my storage space is maxed out.  I was furious when I saw this message so I decided to go on a blogging strike.  But now I'm back, mainly because I really need a place to talk about plants and post photos so that I can look next year and see what was happening in the garden.  It's been so useful looking back on photos from last year.  I often forget about many perennials that have not shown their faces just yet.

Also, I need a bragging outlet for my recent wins at the local garden club meeting.  These members take their parlour shows very seriously so I was ecstatic to have won both categories I entered; "stem of Camellia with foliage" and "5 different spring flowers".  I also ended up winning 3rd overall for my Camellia--and then had to make a speech in front of the 100+ members!  Judging criteria is pretty detailed-- no blemishes, no discolouration, no insect damage, crisp, firm petals, correct proportion of vase to arrangement,  complimentary colours, strong stems, flowers in prime blooming state.  Whew, I found myself gently wiping Camellia leaves with a damp sponge to remove fir tree pollen about 5 minutes before I left for the show.  I stopped for a moment and realized this is who I have become.....

My Camellia stem, and vase arrangement for '5 different spring flowers'; 2 type of Hellebore, Fritillaria, Clematis, Narcissus.

Oh, and remember those Tom Dixon pendants I spoke about - I ended up buying Chinese knockoffs, but OEM and 10% of the price--I'm not complaining.  I haven't mounted them yet but when I do I will be sure to post a pic or two. 

I'll be back soon to post some photos to show what my garden is up to lately....

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