17 August 2012

a conversation with myself

A typical conversation between myself and my voice of reason.  For simplicity sake, said ‘voice of reason’ will henceforth be referred to as ‘R’.

A: I should just pop into the nursery on my way home from today.  I don’t have any other pressing plans and it’s a beautiful day just to walk around and enjoy the sights.
R: Oh, is there a particular plant that you are looking to buy?
A:  No, but I wouldn’t mind looking at the canna lilies that are in bloom right now to narrow down my choices for when I buy bulbs next year. 
R: Don’t even think about buying a canna lily at this time of year.
A: Now that you mention it, I do have some empty space next to one of the dayliles.
R: That is the worst spot for them, they grow at least 3 feet high and need way more sun than that area.  Forget it.
A:  I'll just have to look.  What’s wrong with just looking?
R:  Don’t do it.
A: (to nursery owner) “Do you have any cannas in stock right now?”
                                  “No, we actually didn’t grow any this year, and I’m not sure that we will be
                                    getting them in!"
R:  Perfect, that’s our cue to exit.  Now.
A:  I might as well have look around,  now that I’m already here.
R:  I see where this is going.
A:  I really do need something for in front of the coral bark maple at the front entrance. 
R:  So that's why we came here, then?  Not to look at canna lilies?
A:  Curb appeal is everything, and right now the front garden is just incomplete without something in front of the maple.
R:  I agree, but let's do some research first and come back with a plan of exactly what we need.
A:  That would be the smartest way of doing things.
R:  Oh, but not your way, right?
A:  (eyeing up the beautiful foliage of Lobelia 'Russian Princess')
R:  Put it back.  It's the worst time of year to plant perennials and this would not work in the shade of the front entrance garden in front of the maple.
A:  (reading tag) Hmm..well it does say part shade to full sun.  But I know it won't work with the yuccas, euphorbias, sedums, and hebes.
R:  You got it, let's get out of here.
A:  But what about the back garden?
R:  Oh, where you wanted to put the cannas?  Good thinking.
A:  Well, I could always move them next year when I actually plant the canna bulbs.
R:  Where to?  The vegetable bed which has somehow turned into the temporary holding space for other perennials that you don't know what to do with?  The one that you actually want to start using to grow lettuce and carrots and radishes and cucumbers?
A:  But if I don't buy it today, what if I never find it again?  I will always regret how I didn't buy this beautiful plant with amazing foliage and striking fluorescent purple blooms from July-September.
R:  You will have forgotten about it by tomorrow.
A:  It's only $8.99, plus all perennials right now are 30% off!
R:  Yes, because only people as dumb as you are buying more plants right now, when the forecast is for the mid-30's this weekend.  Great time to buy, yes.

I came home with three.  This happens weekly.  The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?

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