29 July 2012

spotted: great horned owl + baby

The other night, I finally got to see where all this strange squawking has been coming from over the past couple of months.

How cool.  They sat like this for hours.  The baby is too young to have developed the ear tufts.

Although these are one of the largest owl species, a full grown adult only weighs in at 2 pounds!  Normally there are two fledglings for each nest so I hope the other one is still around somewhere.  Remember dissecting owl pellets and putting together an entire mouse skeleton in grade 3?  No?  I remember this vividly, maybe that's why I am still amazed at these birds to this day.  They will often eat their prey whole, which dies instantly by the crushing power of their talons, and then within about 2 hours will regurgitate a large (about 10cm!) pellet containing the bones and fur and other non-digestible matter.  Sometimes you will find these on the forest floor.


  1. Great photo! What lens were you using for this one?

  2. I'm not terribly happy with the quality of the photos, it was 8:30pm low light in the shady forest, but I used the 75-300mm! Would have been an amazing capture if I had a faster lens!



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