7 December 2011

list progress

Someone informed me the other day that my blog was getting a little 'boring'.  Sorry about that; like I said here, I have this problem of constantly moving from one hobby to the next as soon as I get slightly distracted.  The distractions as of late have been CrossFit, playing with my new iPhone, Pinterest, and unfortunately a helluva lot of studying.

In the meantime, here's an update on the end of summer to-do list.

  • have exterior drainage checked and/or cleaned
  • arrange for new gutter and downspout installation
  • finish painting shed
  • sand and stain front and back wood doors
  • get quotes for adding to rock retaining wall in back yard
  • clean out birdfeeders
  • order new drapery and hardware for both sliding glass doors
  • fix wood trim around new staircase

The gutters were installed just last week; we ended up going with 'Canyon Clay' to match up with the trim color as close as possible. We also got leaf guards which should hopefully help with the masses of fir tree needles and maple leaves that buildup a few times each year.

Who woulda thought I could ever be so happy about an aluminum channel that aids in water diversion! Exciting times for sure.


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