13 September 2011

ferries, trains & automobiles

Isn't it fab having a birthday that falls on a weekend?  They always seem to turn out the best.  We visited the big city and had some fun visits with friends as family, as well as taking in a CFL game and a train to Whistler.  Here are a few shots...

It was my first time in Whistler and I was amazed at all the summer gardens and just the sheer number of tourists that visit this time of year.  The train trip getting there was beautiful...a lot of sights that we wouldn't have seen if we were just driving up.

Also I was glad to see what the village looked like after the 2010 Olympics...we should be proud of such an amazing place!  Did you know that Whistler gets its name from the shrill whistling noise that Marmots make as an alarm sound, indicating danger?  Neat.

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