22 August 2011

before and after: fence

We picked up the wire a couple of weeks ago and right away got started on the big install...

Before I show you the finished project, let me remind you what we started with, looking towards the forest:

And now...

This is the before shot looking in the opposite direction, towards the backyard:

And now:

Sure makes the yard look and feel a whole lot bigger.  So big, in fact, that we're not too sure what to do with all of this extra space!  Maybe a new lawn? New gravel patio?  Some concrete pavers?  Additional garden space?

Here are some more of the finished product...

 Just last week I picked up our slide-bolts.  You can check out more details on this post.  They add a very charming rustic look to the otherwise modern fence design.  I am so happy with the way they turned out!

I am pretty sure we made this guy happy by expanding his sniffing space.

 Poor little gaffer had to go to the animal hospital today.  We luckily just happened to come home from work early and he was looking terrible and acting very strange.  His back legs kept giving out, he was losing his balance, and his eyes wouldn't focus.  He is spending the night with the vet, so $700 of blood work, x-rays, and intravenous therapy later we are hoping he gets to come home tomorrow and enjoy the new fence with us!

I would share a sneak peak of the painting progress, but it's been a terribly rainy day and I'd like some better lighting for pictures.

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